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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Horley access improvements give passengers a lift

More than a million journeys made by rail to and from Horley every year have been made easier for passengers following the opening of three new lifts at the station.

The new lifts, which were attached to the existing footbridge, allow step-free access for passengers to get between the station entrance and all platforms, making the railway more accessible for everyone, particularly those with reduced mobility, small children or luggage. Tactile paving was also installed along the platforms to aid the visually impaired.

Transport minister Theresa Villiers said: “The government is determined to improve access to public transport and promote equality and fairness of opportunity for everyone. That’s why we welcome the changes made at Horley Station, which will benefit passengers using this busy station.”

Mark Ruddy, Network Rail’s route director for Sussex, said: “Building a bigger and better railway boosts links between communities and businesses and is vital for the growth of Britain’s economy. Passengers in Horley rely on rail for more than a million journeys every year and it is great news for them that we have been able to upgrade the station to better meet their needs and make it easier and more accessible for everyone to use.”

Southern’s service delivery director, James Burt said: “These lifts were much needed at the station and we are particularly pleased as they complement the recent improvements at Horley which already has superb transport interchange facilities. We are delighted with the completion of this project, as it will make even more of the railway accessible to everyone.”


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