Transport bodies stress track safety following deaths on Brightline

Photo: Brightline.
Photo: Brightline.

Three of the biggest transport bodies in the United States have come together to educate the public on the importance of track safety following a number of high-profile deaths on Brightline, in Florida.

The Rail Passengers Association (RPA), the Association of American Railroads (AAR) and the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) said they have united to tell the public that “it is never ok to use tracks as walking paths, and tracks should only be traversed using properly marked grade crossings.”

Since the incidents, Brightline has said that it is working to improve safety awareness and education but campaigners have called for the service to be halted.

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APTA president Paul Skoutelas said: “We sincerely hope that the recent tragic loss of lives will lead to greater public awareness on how to safely proceed in or around rail tracks. Pedestrian accidents at railroads are preventable if commonsense rules are followed.”

AAR president Ed Hamberger said: “All of us have a role to play in preventing these tragedies, including discouraging reckless behavior on and around railroad tracks.

“Tracks are not playgrounds or shortcuts. When you see tracks, you need to think train.”

According to Brightline, all public level crossings along its operating route have “comprehensive safety infrastructure” in place, including: gates, constant warning time, bells, flashing red lights and signage.

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