Train tech firm unveils intelligent system that adjusts glass pane transparency

Photo: Continental.
Photo: Continental.

Forget curtains and blinds, one company exhibiting at InnoTrans has unveiled an intelligent technology that shuts out light from train carriages in a futuristic fashion.

Dubbed ‘Intelligent Glass Control’ or IGC by developer Continental, the system relies on a film sandwiched between two panes of glass which is connected to an electronic control unit.

The film layer contains particles that can change to alter the transparency and colour of the window to allow different levels of light to come into the carriage.

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The level of transparency and colour of the glass can be adjusted via a control system, which can be programmed to respond to external conditions, such as sensor data on sunlight intensity.

Continental, which works on products and services for passenger compartments, driver workplaces, drive units, bogies, and car bodies, said the technology was originally developed for the automotive industry.

The tech firm said it creates greater privacy for travelers; protects them against excess light and UV rays; and keeps the car cool, which reduces the need to use the climate control systems, saves energy and reduces emissions.

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