Ukrainian Railways’ first new TE33A locomotive rolls off production line

A TE33A locomotive operating in Kazakhstan. Photo: Kabelleger / David Gubler.
A TE33A locomotive operating in Kazakhstan. Photo: Kabelleger / David Gubler.

GE Transportation has announced the first new TE33A locomotive for Ukrainian Railways has been built.

The US rail equipment manufacturer, which has agreed a deal to merge with Wabtec, signed a $1 billion framework agreement with the state owned operator in February this year for 30 TE33A diesel locomotives. These units come from its GE Evolution Series.

The framework also includes additional locomotive kits over 10 years, the rehabilitation of locomotives in the railway’s legacy fleet and long-term maintenance services.

GE Transportation will manufacture the units in the US with final assembly taking place in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Railways chair Yevgen Kravtsov said the milestone represents the next step in Ukraine’s long relationship with GE.

He added: “Our partnership will not only upgrade our fleet, but modernise Ukraine’s transportation infrastructure and further cement our country’s position as a key transit hub between Europe and Asia and ensure Ukraine’s export potential.  It also will spur local economic development and job growth.”

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Photo: GE Transportation.Ukrainian Railways will use the locomotives to haul bulk agricultural goods and metals products to market.

More than 90 per cent of the country’s diesel fleet is past its planned service life and the new units will provide the opportunity to improve capacity.

The TE33A locomotive has a 12-cylinder, 4,500-horsepower Evolution Series engine, delivering enhanced productivity, lower lifecycle costs and improved reliability.

Compared to the legacy Ukrainian fleet, the TE33A can significantly reduce harmful emissions, economise on fuel and oil costs, and increase time between maintenance overhauls.

GE Transportation’s vice-president for equipment Yuvbir Singh added: “This project demonstrates the growing cooperation and support of our partners in Ukraine.

“Our partnership will transform Ukraine’s rail network and foster growth for our customer and the country. This locomotive is the ideal solution for Ukrainian Railways to achieve those goals in a competitive market.”

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