Thales has strengthened its traffic management division with the acquisition of Cubris for an undisclosed amount.

Headquarted in Copenhagen, Denmark, Cubris designs, manufactures and suppliers connected driver advisory systems (DAE) for mainline railways.

DAS enables drivers to monitor the timetabled path of a train to determine whether the train will reach its next timing point on schedule and to give an advisory speed for this to be achieved.

For example, if the train is running early, a lower speed is displayed to enable fuel and energy consumption to be minimised.

Getting a train to arrive at the correct point in time can avoid timetable conflicts with other trains and it can avoid the need to brake at adverse signals, saving wear and tear.

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Greenspeed, Cubris’ DAE system, is already in use, or is being implemented, by DSB and Lokaltog in Denmark, by VR in Finland, Transdev in Germany and Sweden, and by South West Trains in the UK.

Thales’ executive vice-president for ground transportation systems, Millar Crawford, said: “With the acquisition of Cubris we are paving the way for improved rail efficiency and autonomous train.

“Combined with our established expertise in other key digital assets, Cubris’ talents and technologies represent a tremendous accelerator of our digital strategy for the benefit of our rail customers.”

Cubris CEO Sune Edinger Gram added: “We are proud to be now part of the powerful group of Thales and convinced we can bring our solution and the value we can propose to our customers to a next level, profiting from the strong engineering capabilities and cross functional synergies from e.g. the digital aviation cockpit.”

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