Tatra-Yug completes testing of new K1M6 tram model

Photo: Tatra-Yug.
Photo: Tatra-Yug.

Tatra-Yug has announced it has successfully tested its new model of tram.

The K1M6 has been tested in the city of Kamianske, Ukraine, since September and last week marked the completion of all tests, inspections and exploitation trials.

These tests were conducted in accordance with Ukraine’s standards.

The East European train manufacturer said that it deliberately chose a location with a poor state of rail tracks in order to demonstrate the possibility of operating the new model in difficult conditions.

A statement on the company’s website reads: “Running daily on extremely bad tracks, the tram passed all the radius curves of turns with working speed, the noise level in comparison with other analogues is much lower, and, finally, the appearance of the car pleasantly surprised the inhabitants of the city.

“The mayor of the city of Kamianske, having got acquainted with the new car, highly appreciated its quality and comfort.”

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