SJ becomes first to trial microchip train ticket

Photo: SJ.

Sweden’s SJ believes it is the first train operator in the world to trial a microchip implant ticket on its services.

Passengers signed up to the company’s loyalty scheme, SJ Prio, will be among the first to use the new system.

The idea came from SJ’s innovation partner, Epicenter, which gives its members the option of using either a microchip or traditional key card to gain entry into its offices in central Stockholm.

The microchip uses Near Field Communication (NFC) – the same technology used by contactless mobile phone applications.

Although SJ won’t be carrying out the implants itself, the service will be available to customers who already have an NFC microchip.

The microchip includes the passenger’s membership number and ticket inspectors will scan their hand in the same way they now scan travel passes.

Lina Edström, SJ Business Sales, said: “Some of SJ’s business passengers at Epicenter contacted us and asked about the possibility of using the microchip for the train journey.

“We soon realised it was feasible with a few developments in our mobile platforms. And here we are a few weeks later, getting ready to start the trial, which is great.”

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