Singapore sets up high-speed rail delivery authority

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Singapore has created a new body to lead the delivery of a cross-border high-speed railway between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

Singapore High Speed Rail (SG HSR) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore’s Land Transport Authority (LTA).

The body will build, own, fund and maintain the line in Singapore, working closely with MyHSR Corp, which will do the same on the Malaysian section.

LTA has said that SG HSR and MyHSR Corp will jointly tender for an Assets Company, which will design, build finance and maintain the rail infrastructure and rolling stock, and an international rail operator.

The managing director and deputy managing director roles have been given to Rama Venkta and Chin Chee Kiat respectively. Rama Venkta had previously been the project director on the HSR Group at LTA and has overseen various MRT projects.

Ngien Hoon Ping, LTA chief executive, said in a statement: “The HSR is an exciting bilateral project that will bring Singapore and Malaysia closer, and allow people to connect more conveniently and efficiently for business and leisure.

“SG HSR will provide stronger management focus and dedicated resources to handle the complexities of the project and meet the ambitious 2026 timeline.

“SG HSR will work under the close guidance of the LTA and the Ministry of Transport to ensure smooth implementation of the HSR project.”