Metra reissues rail vehicle RFP as only CRRC submits a proposal

Photo: HelpingHandPhotos.
Photo: HelpingHandPhotos.

Chicago passenger operator Metra has reissued a request for proposals (RFP) for new rail vehicles after only receiving one response.

The RFP was initially issued in April last year but only CRRC Sifang America submitted a proposal.

Metra will now re-release the RFP but remove the specification that the double-deck vehicles must be new gallery rail cars, which feature an opening between levels (See below), in an effort to attract more proposals.

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An example of a gallery rail car. Photo: Hydrogen Iodide.
An example of a double-deck gallery rail car. Photo: Hydrogen Iodide.

Metro CEO Jim Derwinski said: “Opening up our request to alternative designs will foster competition between more car builders, which potentially will result in better pricing, a more modern car and a better experience for our customers.”

The original RFP was for 75 new gallery railcars with an option to purchase additional cars depending on responses, the amount of funding available and whether Metra could use financing to maximise funding.

Metra did not state whether this would be the same for a new RFP but stressed the need to maximise seating capacity in the new rolling stock.

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