HS2 – HS1 link back in the news


HS2 is planning to have a twin-track connection with HS1, allowing trains from Birmingham and (later) Leeds and Manchester to connect directly with the continent.

That was the claim in press reports over the weekend. In fact, they also suggested an alternative option of a travelator link between Euston and St Pancras, meaning that passengers would still have to change trains and stations but could at least keep dry while doing so.

The original plans for HS1 contained a single-track low-speed link between the two railways, but this was scrapped shortly after Sir David Higgins took over at HS2 Ltd. However, observers always wondered if that was just so that it could be replaced by a faster, better link later.

In response, an HS2 spokesman said: “We are looking at options for a link between HS1 and HS2 but no conclusion has been reached as yet.” He dismissed the newspaper reports as “press speculation”.