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Friday, April 10, 2020

First look at new Thameslink trains

UK Rail Minister Stephen Hammond has unveiled a full-scale mockup of one of the new fleet of Thameslink trains.

Stakeholders and members of the press were given a first look at the new electric trains during an event at London’s ExCel arena yesterday (January 28).

The first of 1,140 carriages being built by Siemens will go into service in 2016, operating on the existing Thameslink network between Bedford and Brighton and the Wimbledon Loop ahead of the commissioning of new routes in 2017.

The new fleet will eventually provide 80 per cent more peak seating between Blackfriars and St Pancras.

Up to 8,000 jobs are expected to be created throughout the life of the £6.5 billion programme as well as an additional 2,000 jobs in the UK supply chain.

Standard class [online]
Photo: Siemens.
Hammond, said: “We are transforming our railways through the biggest programme of rail investment ever.

“These exciting new trains, combined with the wider Thameslink Programme are a real boost to UK Plc, creating thousands of jobs in construction and across the supply chain, which is driving forward our economy.”

Steve Scrimshaw, managing director of Siemens Rail Systems UK, said: “Over £80 million pounds has been invested by Siemens in the design and development of the Class 700.

“The innovative design incorporates the feedback of UK train operators, train crew, cleaners and maintainers, as well as dedicated passenger research, helping us turn proven technology and expertise into a state-of-the-art train of the future.”


  1. Still no definite news on when Northern will receive the first of the totally refurbished Class 319s. Liverpool – Manchester/Wigan electrification will be complete by December 2014 but as the first Class 700s will not be delivered until 2016, surely the 319s may have to remain with Thameslink, whilst the North West soldiers on with Pacers and Sprinters.

      • Neither the DfT nor Thameslink have yet advised when the first 319s will definitely be released and, as a consequense, the following rumours are now flying around:
        1. Surplus 317/7s will be transferred to Northern by December 2014 as a stop-gap, whilst the 319s are being totally refurbished.
        2. 319s will be transferred on time but in their present (unrefurbished) condition. Also that they will be reduced to 3-car sets (what will happen to the spare cars?).
        3. Neither 317s nor 319s will be coming north. The new 387s will come instead, when the Siemens Class 700s are delivered.
        I, and many others in the North West, look forward to hearing something definite.

  2. Those (Fainsa?) seats look hard!

    What will be the efficiency of using long fixed formation trains right out into the fields of Norfolk and Cambridgeshire? – does Kings Lynn for example need to be served by a 10-car train fitted out more akin to Metropolitan Line stock, or would shorter units that can divide and join not be more effective? This will be a lot of train to be dragging around at the dead of night when demand is low!

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