First Aarhus Variobahn tram to begin testing

Photo: InnoTrans 2016.

Stadler and Aarhus Letbane I/S held a presentation ceremony at InnoTrans to unveil the first completed light rail vehicle for the Danish city of Aarhus.

Stadler was displaying the first of 14 Variobahn trams it is supplying to Aarhus. Its contract with Aarhus Letbane I/S also includes 12 Tango tram-trains and future maintenance.

The Variobahn vehicles are low-floor, bi-directional trams with four doors on both sides. Features include air conditioning and Wi-Fi.

The first vehicle is now due to begin type and integration testing.

Claus Rehfeld, the chief executive of Aarhus Letbane I/S, said: “The cooperation with Stadler is running very well and professional, and we are very satisfied with the final design and quality of the light rail vehicles.

“Aarhus is developing Denmark’s first tramway system, introducing a modern tram- and tram-train system as part of the solution to the challenges posed by rapid growth of the city-region of Eastern Jutland.

“The first line in Aarhus will open in 2017, same year Aarhus is Cultural Capital of Europe.”