California high-speed rail will benefit the environment, says new report

Photo: California High-Speed Rail Authority.

California’s high-speed rail link will cut the country’s greenhouse gas emissions by ‘four to eight million tons of CO2 by 2030’, according to a new report.

Construction of the new network would be carbon neutral and involve planting thousands of trees around the Central Valley between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The project’s green credentials have been outlined in a new report.

“Our commitment is to make positive environmental contributions from day one,” said chief executive of the California High-Speed Rail Authority Jeff Morales.

“High-speed rail will transform the state’s transportation system while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and providing environmental benefits for years to come.”

“This report details important steps that the High-Speed Rail Authority is taking to curb greenhouse gas emissions in California and embrace renewable energy during operations,” said Brian Kelly, Secretary of the California State Transportation Agency.

Design and construction contracts for the first section of the $69 billion line have now been awarded.