Amtrak to replace Amfleet I trains

Photo: Wikimedia.
Photo: Wikimedia.

Amtrak has issued a request for information (RFI) as it looks to procure a new fleet and replace its Amfleet I trains.

This would include replacing rail vehicles used primarily on routes east of the Mississippi River, such as: the Northeast Regional, Keystone, Carolinian and Illinois Service trains.

The RFI will look at coach cars, trainsets and self-propelled units that could replace the Amfleet I equipment.

Plans are in place to release a request for proposal for specific vehicles in 2019.

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The Amfleet I fleet has recently undergone a refresh programme, replacing many interior elements of the vehicles, but the cars are about 40 years-old and are at the point where replacement is more cost-effective than maintenance.

The plans are part of a wider programme from Amtrak to “aggressively” make immediate changes to the customer experience.

Amtrak vice-president of corporate planning Byron Comati said: “New equipment will provide our customers with a more modern experience, while improving ride quality and reliability.”

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