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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

New ultra-miniature DC-DC converters save board space and increase reliability

Relec Electronics has released the fourth generation of Mornsun’s R4 Series DC-DC converters in ultra-miniature DFN (dual-flat-no-lead) packages. Measuring just 9.0 x 7.0 x 3.1mm, they are available as non-isolated switching regulators or unregulated DC-DC converters with 3kV isolation.

Ideal for applications such as control, instrumentation and electric power, the ultra-miniature, surface-mount converters can save nearly 60 per cent of board space, occupying just 63mm² , compared to 155mm² for SMD8 footprint DC-DC converters. This enables developers to make significant space savings and reduce the overall size of distributed power supply systems, low frequency analogue circuits, industrial control, instrumentation and electric power products.

The R4 Series comprises the K78_MT-500R4 non-isolated switching regulators and the B0505MT-1WR4 – a 1W isolated DC-DC converter.

K78_MT-500R4 switching regulators provide 500mA or regulated power and are available with outputs from 3.3V – 15Vdc from a 4.5V – 36Vdc input source. With efficiencies of up to 92 per cent, they allow systems to run cooler without the need for external heatsinks. This not only reduces cost and saves board space, it also increases reliability by running at reduced temperatures.

The B0505MT-1WR4 is a 1W DC-DC converter with a 5Vdc input and 5Vdc output. It operates over an ambient temperature range of -40°C to +125°C and achieves an exceptional 3000Vdc isolation in the ultra-miniature DFN package. Efficiency is up to 85 per cent and no heatsink is required, making the device particularly suitable for use in applications such as digital circuits, low frequency analogue circuits, relay-driven circuits and data switching circuits.

The Mornsun R4 Series is available on a standard lead time of four weeks and Relec Electronics carries sample stocks to support your design effort and will work with customers to meet production requirements.

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