The infrastructure of the former Cortlandt station was completely destroyed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks when the World Trade Centre collapsed.
Work is almost complete on two new Moscow Metro surface stations that have been inspired by prominent stations from around the world.
Members of the public made the most of a bad situation in the city of Uppsala when heavy rain flooded parts of the central railway station and turned it into a makeshift swimming pool.
Operator RATP Group has renamed six Paris Metro stations in honour of the French football team after winning the 2018 World Cup at the weekend.
The ambitious project is planned ahead of Paris hosting the Summer Olympics, when the station will be able to accommodate an extra 100,000 passengers per day.
Computer generated images have been released revealing what Glasgow Queen Street station could look like following its redevelopment.
In six of the Russian cities hosting the 2018 World Cup, underground metros will transport football fans to and from games but there's one in particular that's been leaving tourists in awe: the Moscow Metro.
The First Minister of Wales Carwyn Jones has hailed a "landmark moment" in the future development of his country as plans of how £5 billion will be spent to transform its railways have been revealed.
The stations are being built as part of the 9km twin-bore Melbourne Metro Tunnel, a major enhancement that promises to free up capacity on the capital's rail network.
At 07:00 on Saturday May 19, the first Brightline train service will depart West Palm Beach for Miami Central station.