Following interviews, NTSB found that the train driver didn’t recall seeing the 30mph advance speed sign, which was posted two miles ahead of the speed-restricted curve.
The dedicated railway police force was abolished in the Netherlands in 2013.
ProRail has called on YouTube to remove videos of train surfers quicker to prevent copycat behaviour. 
Workers found the braking system part during a track inspection near Shoreditch on the night of January 10-11, forcing TfL into action over safety concerns. 
Notably, it has indicated that had positive train control – an advanced train control system – been implemented, the train’s brakes would have been applied in line with the speed restrictions.
The United States' transport secretary has urged railroads to "greatly accelerate their efforts" to meet the forthcoming deadline for implementing positive train control.
Level crossing safety is no joke.
The driver of a Croydon tram that derailed, resulting in the deaths of seven passengers, may have had a "microsleep" moments before the crash, accident investigators have concluded.
Dutch rail infrastructure manager ProRail has said that all of the Netherlands' unguarded level crossings will be eliminated "within a few years."
Operator SNCF Transilien has had a novel idea to increasing passenger safety in France.