Britain’s ‘feast and famine’ approach to electrification is illustrated by the graph of UK electrification volumes delivered since 1958. In 2018, Britain will electrify almost 900 single track km (stk), followed by less than 200 stk in 2019, after which there are no committed schemes. In contrast, Germany has been electrifying around a steady 200 stk a year for the past 40 years.
Should the JV secure work in Canada it will take Keltbray overseas for the first time.
At the forefront of the agenda for Austrian Federal Railways is electrification, as the country aims to electrify 85 per cent of the network by 2030.
The loan is the third tranche of a $500 million financing facility for the Railway Sector Investment Program approved by ADB’s board in 2011. It will be used to complete the ongoing works that have already been started. 

Is hydrogen the answer?

Rail Engineer’s feature on hydrogen trains in the January issue (issue 159) raised the possibility that, despite its good green credentials, the rail industry’s use of rail diesel traction could soon become unacceptable. A few weeks later, Transport Minister Jo Johnson said exactly this in a speech stating that he wished to see “all diesel-only […]
Significantly, the review has found that it could be built and operated at a lifetime cost that is comparable to conventional electrification with overhead lines.
A new standard gauge railway connecting landlocked Ethiopia to Djibouti has been launched in Africa.
TE Connectivity and ABB have enter into exclusive negotiations over the transfer of ABB's terminal block business, which is a part of its electrification products division.
Renfe has tested what it has described as the first passenger train in the world to be powered by liquefied natural gas.
Uzbekistan Railways has announced that the electrification of the 325km Qarshi-Termez railway has been finished.